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Wynn Casino Gardens – Las Vegas

20130402-090557.jpgSteve Wynn started with the Mirage, then designed the Bellagio and then moved on to the Wynn casino and hotel! On the way he also added the Treasure island hotel which is now called TI. He sold them all to MGM and used the money he gained from the sale to build the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas. Also to fund construction of hotels in Asia. Whatever Steve Wynn is involved in, you know that it is going to be elegant and top notch in just about everything. He is an admitted perfectionist. It shows in everything he does. He is said to he a task master but then he does deliver results. He has the imagination to deliver something that attracts tourists from all over the world to his hotels and casinos.

Wynn Casino Gardens – Great for Pictures

The Wynn hotel is the ultimate in sophistication and beauty. Just take a look at this picture of the gardens just off the casino floor! What a beautiful scene! Many people pose for pictures every day in this area. At the end of this walkway, there is a nice quiet bar you can enjoy. While meeting friends or business associates. All of the bars are a bit pricey. But if you have to ask the price you probably cannot afford the price of the drinks.

We have even seen several movie sets set up in this area of the casino floor. Visitors get a chance to see just how long it takes to get a shot. How many takes and practice shots are needed and best of all you sometimes get to see your favorite actors. This is also a great area to people watch. From other tourists to sometimes very famous people. They are interesting to watch as they stroll by or play at a slot machine.

At the very least when you are in Vegas, whether you are staying at the Wynn hotel or not, take the time to tour the property. You will not be disappointed.

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