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Video Poker Casino Odds Changing

video poker casino odds changingAre video poker casino odds changing? Do they vary from casino to casino or even from one machine to the other. The answer is yes and players need to pay attention to the payouts to manage their potential to win. The best paying machines have whats called a 9/6 ratio. They pay 9 credits for a 1 credit bet on a full house and 6 credits on a flush. If you are playing a machine that plays less than that, the casino is taking a larger share of the pie. Typically you will find these payouts on a jacks or better machine. Deuces wild and double double bonus poker etc. have different payouts due to the nature of the game. You can still find better paying machines for these as well if you take the time to look around. Any machine that has progressives built in or multipliers typically will not pay the 9/6 ratio.

Video Poker Casino Odds Changing

Depending on the video poker game and the casino you are playing at some of the best machines will have a 98.98% payback. It goes down hill from there, again depending on the casino and game. Some are as low as 95%.

An almost 4% difference in payback can make a big difference, especially if you are a long term player who enjoys the game and the casino atmosphere. These paybacks do not take into account any promos you might receive from the casino such as free drinks, rooms and meals. When you add these items in, again depending on your play, you may even break even.

Casinos in competitive markets such as Atlantic city, Tunica, Biloxi and Las Vegas tend to have better paying machines simply for competitive reasons. Of course there are lots of other ways to compete i.e. the free rooms etc.

Bottom line, before you play, always check the payout structure and look for the elusive 9 / 6 ratio.

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