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Tunica Casinos Still Flooded

The water has surrounded the casinos in Tunica as well as the surrounding areas. It looks like they will be closed for another few weeks. This occurred in May 2011 and the casinos have obviously reopened since then. They re-opened about the middle of June, 2011.  Originally we were told that they would reopen sometime around May 23rd. However based on the level of the water, the damage that it is causing and the fact that it will slowly recede, these casinos were closed for sometime.

We have included a picture of Harrahs in Tunica, which we have visited several

Tunica Casinos Still Flooded

Thanks to WMCTV Action News

times. This picture is courtesy of  WMCTV Action News. Pictures are worth a thousand words. It is certainly true in this case. Based on this picture the main lobby area, the restaurants and perhaps even the casino is flooded. Rooms at the hotel will be find. However before guests can come back to the hotel a thorough cleaning is required. In addition, repair to the building, electrical systems is needed. All furniture that could not be removed prior to the waters appearing on the scene has to be replaced.

Tunica Casinos Still Flooded (2011)

At the present time there is over 7 feet of water covering the parking lot and the hotel entrance. The casino itself is supposed to float which will protect the slot machines. The casino operations should be ok. However there is a limit to how far up they can float.

As more information is made available we will include an update on this blog regarding the rising flood waters at the casino hotels in Tunica.

While this blog focuses on casinos and information about them for our readers,  we also want to acknowledge the hardship that many people in the Mississippi delta are experiencing. We have traveled to Tunica, to Memphis and Helena many times and our hearts and prayers go out to these people.

We once had car problems in Helena and the people at the garage were extremely helpful and friendly to us. They drove us to a hotel were we stayed the night while we were waiting for parts for our car and then picked us up the next morning to bring us back to the garage. this was service that we have never experienced before and we appreciated very much. The repairs were completed on time and the price was very reasonable as well. We compared the cost of repairs with our own garage at home and found them to be less expensive at this garage in Helena. Great people, very helpful!

They sure do not deserve this huge flood and the damage it causes to land , to buildings , to families and the ability to earn a living to support your family. Our prayers are with you!

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  1. thanks for this post, but it is outdated now. the Mississippi is so low that ships cannot even get up the river. Tunica casinos do not need to worry about being flooded now.

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