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Tunica Casinos 2011

Tunica CasinosWe just finished staying at the Gold Strike casino one of the Tunica Casinos,  just outside of Tunica for two nights. We enjoy staying at this hotel because it is always clean. It provides good value for our time and of course our money. We did not win any thing on this trip, however we did have our rooms comp’d as well as two dinner buffets that were worth $20 each. So in a way even though we lost money at the slots, we broke even in total when you take into account these comp’s.

Tunica CasinosThe location of the Gold Strike is great because there are three casinos within walking distance. There is the Gold Strike, the Horseshoe and the Roadhouse. The last two are owned and operated by Harrahs Casinos. You can go back and forth between them if you need a change of action or you find that the machines are not paying very well at one or the other. They both honor the Harrahs slot card and you can order your drinks right from the slot machine. This is a huge advantage for Harrahs and a service for their customers. You do not have to wait for a server to randomly come by your slot machine now. Just order it on the screen and it will arrive usually within 5 minutes.

Tunica Casinos – Remember to Get Your Comp’s

While it is nice to go back and forth, you need to take into account that to continue to receive comp’s in terms of free rooms and free play along with meals you need to play were you want to stay. We really enjoy the MGM chain in general. They are usually a level above some of the other hotels in terms of service and rooms. If you are new to slot cards take the time to read one of our posts. It will help to understand why you would want to have a slot card and the benefits of having a slot card. You can click here for more information.

We did not notice a lot of change at these three hotels. In fact a great deal was the same. For a review of each take a look at our previous posts about these hotels.

What we did notice is that both chains, MGM and Harrahs, have updated their slot card systems. They are making them more convenient for the players and reducing the control that the hosts have on comps. If you are a high roller, you will still want to get to know your slot host or table host, however for the average player, you really do not have to stand in line any longer to receive your cash comps . Both systems display your cash comp balance either right on the slot machine screen above the reels or on special terminals located throughout the casino.

Ordering Beverages From the Slot Machine

In addition, Harrahs has added another feature which we really enjoyed. Now you can order beverages right from your seat without having to try and flag down a casino waitress. Place your order on the slot machine touch screen, the order is sent to the bar and the cocktail waitress delivers it 5 minutes later. Wine, mixed drinks, beer, water , coffee and specialty drinks can all be ordered in this manner.

In the mornings when there are only a few cocktail waitresses around or at night when it is really busy, patrons will really appreciate this feature. We found that at the Roadhouse Casino in the morning, there was only one cocktail waitress on duty for the entire casino. We never saw her until we ordered our coffee on this new touch screen. She was there in five minutes. Without this feature, we would never have seen her, since she would hang around the tables were  most of the players were ordering drinks and tipping of course.

We are off to Vegas next and looking forward to staying at the Mirage Casino. We have not stayed at this casino for some time, and there are rumors that there have been lots of updates to the casino and the rooms. It is also part of the MGM chain so we can use our MLife cards at this casino as well. The Mirage has already comp’d us for the rooms so we have already won before we even arrive!

Comments are welcome, especially if you have information about the Tunica Casinos that our readers will find interesting.

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  1. we also like staying at the Gold Strike in Tunica. Sometimes we will stay at the horseshoe casino as well. They are beside each other so regardless of were you stay you can go to either casino to play.

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