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Tortoise Rock Casino 29 Palms

tortoise rock casino 29 PalmsThe Tortoise Rock casino 29 Palms just opened for business in April 2014. We decided to visit it and see if it measured up to the advertising they were doing on TV.  We are staying in Palm Springs. Going to the Tortoise Rock Casino 29 Palms takes about an hour to drive there. We left temperatures in Palm Springs at 80 degrees and found the temps much lower in the high desert, down around 60 degrees. This is just something you need to get used to when you head into the high desert around 29 Palms.

General comments about Tortoise Rock Casino 29 Palms

They have a really nice bar area at this casino that is bright and lots of room to sit and enjoy a drink. You can also play the slots at the bar as well.

One problem or at least a surprise was that the slot machines at the Tortoise Rock Casino 29 Palms are all old machines. We could see where they were marked and worn due to lot’s of previous use. They were not paying very well on the day we were there. We did not hit any jackpot and we did not see anyone else hitting any jackpot’s.

Patrons and have free non alcoholic drinks from two stations in the casino including coffee. You can also have an attendant bring you your drinks as well.

The ceilings are high giving a nice airy feeling to the casino and also there was lot’s of air movement which also helped deal with anyone that was smoking. Some casinos are really bad for not dealing with smokers and their smoke, but this one was quite good.

The View is Great

There is a great view from the front of the casino looking out over the valley and although the landscaping is not completed yet, we are sure it will look great in another few months.

This is a relatively small casino, however it has everything that you might look for. On busy evenings it may be difficult to obtain your favorite machine. They also have a small deli which was unremarkable.

Believe it or not but beer costs more than a glass of wine. A glass of wine costs $3.50 while a draft beer costs $4.00. Usually it is the other way around.

The Tortoise rock Casino 29 Palms is a local casino which will be attractive to locals in the high desert. We do not think it is worth the drive from Coachella valley to visit this casino.

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