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Staying Free at the Encore in Las Vegas!

Encore in Las VegasWell we just got an email from the Wynn casino in Las Vegas. They are offering us three free rooms at the Wynn casino or the Encore in Las Vegas. We have to stay on a Sunday through Thursday night. This is fine for us and the Encore in Las Vegas rooms are considered suites which are upgrades from the Wynn. Both are fantastic, and we are just so excited that we are getting these rooms for free. The cost of the room depends on the time of year and how busy the hotel is on any given week. A friend is staying at the same time as us. They are paying $149 a night which is supposed to be Casino Rate!

So with tax and everything that is almost a $600 value just in the rooms alone. It is nice coming to a casino knowing that you have already won and you are $600 ahead of the casino. So of course we are staying at the upgraded Encore for this trip and it is free! We will be gambling of course and may win or we may not. But at least we do not need to worry about paying for the rooms on this trip.

Encore in Las Vegas – Free Credit

But it does get better. They also are giving us $150 in free credit  which we can use at slot machines to play on and perhaps win some more money. Once at the TI or Treasure Island, we won $800 on our free play.

Booked our Stay

We have booked our stay in Oct and are planning our trip now. This is including the games we will play while we are there. We are also thinking about the restaurants we are going to go to and the shows we may see. Who knows we may end up spending all of our time in the casino playing the slots especially if we are lucky and win some money!

The Wynn and the Encore are sister hotels and casinos. You can play in either and use your red slot card to play, rack up points and perhaps earn more comp’s.

Shopping at The Encore

They are connected by a shopping mall which has many of the famous shops that only the rich can shop at and of course big winners at the slots or tables.

It is nice to browse but way beyond anything I want to pay for clothes and other things. The restaurants at either hotel are some of the best. We have yet to decide which one we will go to.  I am really looking forward to enjoying one of the best steaks you can have while in Las Vegas.

We have written reviews on both the Wynn and the Encore, which you may want to take the time to read. Click here for the Wynn and Click here for the Encore. Hope you enjoy and wish us luck!

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