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Soboba Casino Hemet

Soboba Casino HemetWe recently visited the Soboba Casino near  Hemet California and frankly had mixed feelings about the place. It has an advertisement at the front that suggests they have the loosest slots and have won awards for this.  What a joke that is! Based on our personal experience.

Now I know you are all thinking that this is just a marketing ploy and it is, but when you win absolutely nothing and then friends visit the same casino and do the same thing, you have to wonder. We did see people winning a little bit. But the Soboba Casino  certainly did not treat us well at all.

We tried a number of different slot games to no avail and as a result we will not be going back to this particular casino. We are in the Palm Springs area and it is a 45 minute drive to Hemet and it is just not worth the trip. Now for a short description of the casino.


It is located just outside of Hemet, California at 23333 Soboba Rd. San Jacinto, CA. 92583. They run a golf course as well and what looks like a rodeo  or something similar.

They have 2020 slot machines, bingo and a poker room with 14 tables. All of the popular slot machines are in place and they have one of the largest non smoking rooms we have seen. In fact the casino is made up of three large rooms each filled with slot machines and the last room is a non smoking room which is excellent for those of us who like non smoking. Many Indian Casinos have not caught on to the non smoking craze, so the Soboba casino is definitely ahead of it’s competitors.

There are also three small coffee shops that serve a variety of food. They do not have a buffet and the coffee shops are small and located either between the rooms or along a wall in the casino.

Soboba Casino Hemet – Parking

There is a tremendous amount of surface parking available and they also have valet service if you would like this service. The people were courteous and friendly and even though they allow smoking in two of the big rooms we did not really notice the smoke like you do in some other casinos in the area.

There are really two tents and one building. However when you are inside, you really are not aware that you are in a tent. They have built ceilings that make it feel as if you are in a building and not really a tent. although we did not win at this particular casino, it is a nice place to visit and try your luck.

We probably just had a bad day as did our friends. Their payouts are probably the same as everywhere.  If you have been there and would like to leave your comments please feel free to do so. We will approve links back to your site, if you leave a worthwhile comment about the Soboba Casino.

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  1. we have been to the soboba casino as well and it is a nice little casino with lots of the machines that we like. We will be back at some point to visit the soboba indian casino

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