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Palm Springs California

Palm Springs CaliforniaThere are so many casinos across America and also in Canada, that we know we will not finish our reviews for some time. However we like to break it up a bit and inject a post about places we really like and also have Casinos nearby or even in these areas. One of our favorite places to stay is Palm Springs, California. If you have not spent  some time there you really should. Palm Springs has a little bit of everything for almost everyone.

From many fine restaurants, to over 115 golf courses, some of the best shopping ever, to many farmers markets throughout the area to some of the best hiking available in California. All of this with scenery that encompasses snow covered mountains, desert vistas and a hot temperate climate. They get over 340 days of sun! With so much to offer we could not resist on doing a post about Palm Springs California and also talk a little bit about the 5 or 6 casinos in the area as well.

Palm Springs California – Farmers Market

Every thursday night, they close the main street in Palm Springs for about 6 or 7 blocks and folks from all over the valley come to sell their products. You purchase of course just about every kind of vegetable and fruit, all fresh and often just picked that day. There are also preserved foods available and many of the vendors will offer samples to try before you buy.

Purchase corn on the cob, hamburgs from the barbecue, and many more varieties of foods virtually from all over the world. Forget supper at home, come and try some of the fresh foods at the Palm Springs Thursday night farmers market. There are also many artisans selling their products.  You can purchase paintings of the desert, sunsets and the native flours and plants of the desert. Others will carve carvings from the trunks of trees. You can purchase colored stones in singles or part of a necklace. There are so many different products at this market, many people make this a part of their weekly schedule because there is always something new!

Shopping in Palm Springs

If you stay downtown or a few blocks away in one of the many motels or condo properties you can walk easily to the downtown area and take advantage of the many small shops. We particularly like going to either Starbucks or across the street at the Coffee Bean for a coffee, sit outside and enjoy the sunshine and watch people as they stroll along. The shops in the downtown area of Palm Springs have suffered from high taxes over the past few years and many of the old shops that have been there for many years have closed.

Many people now go out to the outlets to shop with over 200 stores to chose from and excellent prices and quality. You can also go the high end stores at El Paseo further south in one of the other desert cities.

There are so many restaurants to chose from, you will never be bored or run out of places to try. Many will offer happy hour deals from 4pm to 6pm or some as late as 7pm. These usually include half price on drinks and appetizers.  During the summer months, happy hour is really a good deal , while during peak season, some locations will not offer happy hour at all. If you like champagne, try all you can drink brunch deals on Sundays. Some places will charge an additional $2 over your breakfast and you can drink all you want. One couple we know has a record of 5 bottles during brunch on Sunday!

Hiking and Biking around Palm Springs

There are bike routes around Palm Springs with well marked signs for you to follow which will take you around some of the main areas of the city and sites that you may want to stop to look at.

Hiking is also a great pass time in the mountains around Palm Springs. There are many well marked trails for beginners and also for hikers who like more of a challenge. You can even link up with the Pacific Coast Trail which runs from the Mexican Border all of the way to the Canadian Border. Go out to the White Water conservation area and speak to the ranger on duty. You can obtain a map which shows the trails you need to take t hike in the general area as well as join up with the pacific coast trail.

You can also take the gondola up to one of the local mountains and hike around the mountains at the 8000 foot level. With the elevation, the temperature drops so make sure you go prepared for snow even in June and tougher trails. Take a compass with you since you are now really out in the wild and far from easily accessible rescue sites.

Gambling around Palm Springs

The Spa Casino is right down town in Palm Springs. If you live or rent a motel or condo in the area, it is an easy walk to the casino. They offer all of the standard slots and table games, a great buffet and also entertainment every weekend. This is a very attractive casino to visit, however like many Indian run casinos it can be very smoky at times so if this bothers you, at least you know what you are getting into.

There are at least 5 other casinos in the area that we are aware of all within easy driving distance of Palm Springs. The Agua Caliente casino at the intersection Ramon road and Interstate 10 is a really nice spot to spend some time. Lots of parking, large casino, nice rooms in the hotel and an excellent pool area with a tropical environment. If you are looking for a nice spot to spend the weekend this one should definitely be on the list.

Feel free to leave comments about your experiences in Palm Springs.

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  1. This is truly one of the best places to spend a vacation. There is so much to do in palm springs. Golf, shopping, hiking, restaraunts every were! I will go to palm springs again!

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