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Millennials do not like Slot Machines

Millennials do not like Slot MachinesContrary to the picture, millennials do not like slot machines that are the traditional reel type or the non interactive type of slot machines. They have been raised on interactive games that they play on their computers, tablets and smart phones. They are looking for something similar when it comes to gambling. The current crop of slot machines just does not do it for them. Millennials are in the age group that was born in the 1980’s and 1990’s. They have had a steady diet of online games growing up. This kind of environment is part of their persona.

Millennials do not like Slot Machines

Gaming companies and casinos in Las Vegas and other cities are beginning to see the effects of this shift in their customer base. Yes gambling revenues are up since the depression era of 2008 and 2009. But the people returning to the casinos are an older generation and not the millennials as we just mentioned.

As a result, gaming companies are working on a new style of more interactive games that they hope will appeal to this new generation of gamblers. It is not just the games that need to change. Regulators need to review the games, the rules, etc to ensure that the player has a real chance of winning something in addition to being entertained.

Younger gamblers appear to prefer poker, blackjack, online gaming, fantasy sports, and other such games. All of these types of games seem to have at least two attributes that attract them. The first is that it is interactive. They feel they can actually have an impact on the outcome of the game. In other words they like skill-based games. The second attribute is that they are also looking for the social aspect of the game. They want to feel that they are playing with or against other players. Even online gaming can offer this attribute by posting results compared to other players or allow them to play against each other directly.

Over the next couple of years watch for brand new skill-based interactive social slot machines making their way onto the casino floor!

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