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Lac Leamy Casino Boat Dock

Every time we go to Lac Leamy Casino in Gatineau , Quebec, we have noticed the boat dock at the casino. For those of you who have never been there, the casino is Lac Leamy Casino Boat Docksituated beside an old quarry which has been filled with water and connected to the Gatineau river. There is a huge fountain in the middle of this small lake. It shoots water up at least 150 feet if not more. You can look at the lake from the casino while playing the slots.

There is also a boat dock for people to moor their boats at while visiting the casino. They can enter what is called the Lac Leamy lake from the Gatineau river. Which also empties into the Ottawa River.  Boaters from all along the Ottawa and Gatineau river can complete their boating trip by spending the day at the casino, having dinner and even staying at the hotel which is also attached to the casino. There are always a few boats that are moored at the boat dock whenever we have visited the casino.

Lac Leamy Casino Boat Dock

Our journey to the casino by boat started on the Ontario side of the Ottawa river. Before heading to the casino we traveled up the river past the prime ministers home all the way up to the base of the parliament buildings.  We saw the boat locks which lift boats up to the level of the Rideau river. For enthusiasts you can follow the Rideau river all the way to Lake Ontario and from there travel the lakes or the St Lawrence river.

Once we were finished with our little boat trip along the Ottawa, we headed to the Gatineau and then into a small canal that takes you into the lake that partially surrounds the Lac Leamy Casino. There were about 10 other boats already at the dock when we arrived.  They had an interesting control device to prevent you from docking in the wrong location. They use motion senor controlled sprinklers to stop people from mooring in certain areas. It was a nice diversion when we were sprinkled with water on a hot day!

Visiting the Casino

Lac Leamy Casino Boat DockOnce we docked, we headed into the casino, wondering if they would let us in. We were in boating attire. My wife was wearing a bathing suit and a shawl that doubled as a really short dress. I guess they did not mind since we walked right past the guards and into the casino with no problems what so ever.

We had drinks and played for about two hours before heading out to our boat to begin the return trip. Our captain was nervous about traveling along the river in the dark. We left around 7 pm to give us lots of time to get back to our destination at the Rock Cliff boat dock on the Ontario side of the Ottawa River. A really fantastic day and a different way to arrive at the Lac Leamy Casino in Gatineau.

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