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Horseshoe Casino & Hotel

Horseshoe CasinoThe Horseshoe casino & hotel is a 14 story hotel with over 500 rooms and suites to its credit, along with a large casino. Most rooms come with a flat screen TV, fridge and coffee maker. These last two items rank high with us since you can keep soft drinks and water cold for use in your room and also enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning before joining civilization!

The Horseshoe casino has over 1700 slot machines and video poker terminals. There are over 70 tables including all of the popular table games as well as a live poker room with daily tournaments.

We enjoy the Horseshoe casino & hotel every time we go to Tunica and so far we have found very reasonable rates as well as excellent service. Drinks are free as long as you are gambling, however you cannot carry them outside the casino or hotel property.

Colorful & Bright

The Horseshoe casino & hotel is one of the most colorful and bright casinos in the Tunica area as can be seen by the picture. Customers can enter at the front under the lighted signs directly to the casino or they can enter at both ends of the building.  If you enter on the right as you face the casino, patrons can be dropped off by car and enter directly into the lobby of the hotel without having to go through the Horseshoe casino.

The slots are about the same here at the Horseshoe casino , not tight but not loose either. Playing the slots here at the Horseshoe casino means you have to be careful and play with your head just like everywhere else.

There are three hotels and casinos in this particular are and you can walk safely from one to the other. The Gold Strike and the Sheraton casinos and hotels are on either side of the Horseshoe casino & hotel. This makes for great competition as well as if one casino is not working for you, you can always try another.

In addition there are 4 or 5 additional casinos in the area, however you have to drive to each one of these or you can take a shuttle. There sometimes is a long wait for the shuttle so if you came by car the easiest way is to drive over. Patrons should be mindful of the number of drinks you may have had and getting behind the wheel after several drinks at the casino.


Restaurants at the Horseshoe casino & hotel include Jack Binions Steak house, Magnolia: a Delta Cafe, The Village Square Buffet, and the Ace High Snack Bar as well as a Starbucks. We have eaten at the Village Square several times and have found the food and service fine. Both the quantity  and the variety is more than enough to satisfy just about anyone. We would recommend this buffet. We have also enjoyed Starbucks. This is a pretty standard Starbucks so nothing special to report. We have not tried any of the other restaurants.

What We Liked

We like the following areas:

  • Nice bright and clean casino area with lots of slots machines and video poker
  • Great buffet with good variety of food and excellent service
  • Lots of parking which is monitored and routinely patrolled
  • Entrance to lobby area from the parking garage
  • Lobby area and entrance to the elevators is located next to each other
  • Security guard at the elevators verifying guests
  • Rooms were clean and well appointed
  • Nice bar area as long as a band is not playing, then it is far too loud

What We Did Not Like

  • Some rooms are located on the 2nd floor without good access to the elevators
  • They were also a long walk to the casino area as well from the room
  • The bar area has a band behind it that plays music far too loud

Slot Player Card

The slot player card in use is the Harrah’s Total Rewards. This slot card is good at all of the Harrah’s properties across the US. Also at the Casino in Windsor Canada. Slot players as well as table players are encouraged to always use their slot cards. They will receive benefits such as free rooms and free meals, along with cash back are earned. Any of the Harrah’s properties including the Horseshoe casino & hotel will comp you a room just to get you to come to their casino and hotel. In fact one night we were playing the slots. A slot hostess approach us, confirmed that we were the people she was looking for and handed us a free voucher to the buffet! Now that was a nice touch!


There is ample parking at the Horseshoe casino & hotel both in front of the main entrance as well as in a large parking garage behind the hotel. You can access the hotel from the garage via an elevator from all levels. The parking garage is also patrolled on a regular basis and it also protects your car from the weather. We have stayed there a few times when there has been heavy rain and threat of tornado’s. You can reach the parking garage by following the signs that lead to a short road that runs between the Horseshoe casino & hotel and the Sheraton hotel & Casino. You will see the entrance to the garage on the left.

Directions: Take route 55 from Memphis, then route 69 west to 61 and south on 61. Follow the signs to the Gold Strike hotel & casino. Mapquest and GPS systems may suggest you take highway 61 all the way from Memphis. This is the shortest route, however you drive through a rather run down and difficult looking area. The safer route is to take 55 south as mentioned before.

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