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Goldstrike Casino update in Tunica

20140121-161809.jpg We are staying at the Goldstrike Casino owned by MGM resorts in Tunica Mississippi. We travel to this area at least once a year and stay at the Goldstrike for a couple of days. It is interesting for us to see the changes that the hotel has made each year. They did not disappoint us this time and have completed several new improvements that really add to the comfort and experience of staying at this hotel.

Goldstrike Casino Buffet

The picture on this page shows the brand-new buffet, called the American buffet, which they just opened in the last few months. It is new, it is modern, it has many different food stations and they offer high-quality food with gorgeous presentation. We really did not enjoy the previous establishment that much, however this one is a huge improvement.

It was truly a pleasure to dine in this restaurant. Many people will scoff at eating at a buffet however the newer modern buffet restaurants offer fantastic food, and lots of selection, with excellent crowd control.

We enjoyed what for us ended up being brunch. However we paid for breakfast around 1030 and were able to enjoy both breakfast and lunch as they transitioned between these two meals. Although we did not plan this it worked out very much in our favor. There was a huge selection of breakfast foods and the lunchtime menu. This is a tip for anyone who does not mind eating a bit late in the morning and wanting to enjoy a selection from both meals.

If you’re ever passing through the area, we can strongly recommend the Goldstrike Casino Hotel as an excellent location to stop over. The prices for hotel rooms are reasonable, and the meals are fantastic. There are also two other casinos within walking distance of the Goldstrike Casino. We have stayed at both of them and found them to be acceptable. However we prefer this casino to the others. If we can get a room, in other words it is not sold out this is where we will stay.

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