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Can Casinos Adapt to Millennials

Can Casinos Adapt to MillennialsThere’s no question that millennial’s are beginning to have an impact on the world’s economy. Just as baby boomers over the last several decades influenced the economy, millennial’s are about to take over. So what does this mean for the casino industry? Many people are attempting to figure this out. From overall Casino design, entertainment, table games and slots it will have a huge impact. Can casinos adapt to millennials?

Can casinos adapt to millennials

Industry experts tell us that millennial’s are more willing to spend money on entertainment, and bottle service than they are on Slots. The slot machine designers are attempting to introduce more interaction with the video game itself. Highly skilled video games can be easily played on their phones, computers etc.. What will attract a millennial to the casino?

Many people believe the casinos have to step up their game with more interesting entertainment, for service, and venues that are attractive to millennial’s. Part of the challenge is to get them into the building in the first place. They will choose to spend their money in these areas and a very few dollars on the slots.

This is a fundamental change or shift from what Casino’s currently offer. If they do not up the ante on slots and table games, they stand to lose huge numbers of customers. Baby boomers are addicted to Slot Machines and willing to play, but not so the millennial’s.

It will be interesting to see how Casino’s who are competitive and forward thinking will up the ante in the next few years. Unfortunately bureaucratic government run casinos likely will fall behind and result in lower revenue for the local governments that operate them.

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