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Best Casino Bonuses This topic of Best Casino Bonuses
was inspired by an online question we read recently. Basically, a player was wondering if you had $1000 to play with, would you be better off from a casino bonus or comp perspective playing a nickel machine or a dollar machine? The answer that was given was a simple answer in our opinion and basically indicated that the casino might give better comps to the dollar player vs. the nickel player. This answer was based on the fact that if the dollar player plays for a few extra minutes he or she will go through more money than the nickel player and the casino could benefit more as a result. All things being equal as the expression goes, this statement would probably be true. However, there are a lot more variables to consider than just this one aspect. Let’s explore a few of these.

Best Casino Bonuses

There are other factors and we will go through each of these factors that determine how much you might be comp’d based on a fixed amount of play.

How Much You Bet Each Press of the Slot Button

Every machine has a maximum bet and a minimum bet. I have seen some dollar machines as high as $10 per press of the button and some nickel machines as high as $5 if you play all lines to the maximum allowed. Some people believe they can play longer if they play the minimum and others feel that they might lose out on a major win if they do. Bottom line is that you can still earn the same number of slot points, regardless of how long it takes you.

How Much or How Often Do You Win

Some slot machines pay a lot of small jackpots. Most players just keep playing until they win a large jackpot or until their money is gone. I once play blackjack for 3.5 hours. I started with a $20 bill and walked away with $15.00. Although I did not win any money, in fact, I lost $5, I was comp’d for over $200 in food that trip because I played so long. I won a lot of small stuff which kept me going for that length of time.

How Fast You Play

Some people play at a sedate pace, while others play as fast as they can. If they both win the same amount they are going to gain the same number of slot points. However, to the slot host, the faster player has a betting rate that is a lot higher and will attract more attention as far as comps are concerned.

How Many Different Machines Do You Play

Do you try different machines all of the time and do you make sure your slot card is always inserted?  If so this is a good thing, since you are getting all of the points that you should. But many people routinely forget their slot cards and miss out on points that they would have otherwise gained. Make sure that this is not you.

Payout Rates of Machines

Not all slot machines have the same payout. They seem to definitely go in cycles and some are just plain set higher to attract attention and gain interest, particularly with new machines being introduced to the players. Playing a losing machine for a long time is just not going to cut it as far as points and wins are concerned.

Special Points Days

Some casinos will have days during the week when they know that business is regularly slow. They will have bonus days where you can gain 2 times or sometimes even 3 times points. On these days the players can gain a lot more points towards their slot comps than on other days. It can be definitely worth your while to play on these days. In many casinos, these points add up towards free meals in restaurants that you can deduct right off your card at the cashier to pay for your meal without having to charge it to your room.

How Well You Know the Slot Host

Get to know your slot host especially if you go to the casino often. They cannot always help you with comps since it does depend on your play, however, they sometimes can bend the rules a bit to get you tickets for a show that is sold out or reservations at a restaurant that is already full. It never hurts to ask them for help. They will be glad to help if they can.

Other Variables Beyond Your Control

There are lots of things that occur during travel and trips. Sometimes knowing the slot host, having a slot card, or just grabbing a quick meal can really make a difference in your trip. If you are a high roller, there are lots of comps and ways for a slot host to assist. We cannot name them all here since they are as varied as the number of people that go to the casino.

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