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AVI Casino and Resort Update

We visited the AVI Casino again this year and thought it would be appropriate to give an update to our previous post. You can refer to the previous post by, AVI Casino and Resort Updateclicking here.

For those of you who have not been to this casino before, the picture on the left gives up some idea about the property.  It is located on the banks of the Colorado river. It is a sprawling property with a show area for conventions and entertainment. There is also RV parking and a golf course all within walking distance of the hotel and the casino.

We visited the casino on two different days and enjoyed ourselves both days. We even participated in a slot poker tournament. You start with 1350 credits and have 10 minutes to see how well you do. I ended up even, which is not very good as it turns out. Several players were up over 500 credits and this is on jacks or better video poker.

Pool Area

One of the comments we made last time was how much we admired the pool area and the beach along the Colorado river. Since we are not guests at AVI, we cannot enter the pool area, however we did take a picture and also made a short video of the beach and pool area. Since a picture is worth a 1000 words here it is.


The Beach on the Colorado River

The following video shows the beach area on the river during off season.

AVI Casino – Environment

One of the issues we had with this casino along with many others is the amount of smoke from smokers that you have to deal with. We are not sure if there are less smokers or they have a better ventilation system. But the air in the casino was much better than previous times we have been there.

Visitors should note that there are smoking areas in the restaurants since this casino is in Nevada. It is also on Indian tribal lands were they make their own rules. I wish someone would bring them up to speed about the problems with smoking and the impact it has on cancer rates. Their machines and casino would be a lot cleaner as well.

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  1. We like the avi casino but sme people really cannot stand all of the smokers. Sometimes it gets really bad. Poor air circulation

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