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Ambiance at Casinos

Does ambiance at casinos make a difference? For my wife it absolutely does. We suspect that for many others this is true. The atmosphere in a casino really makes a difference for many people. The moment you walk into a casino, we all have an immediate impression of the building, the casino and the hotel.  It either makes us feel good or ambivalent towards the casino. The ambiance factor is huge in terms of whether we feel we will have a good time and enjoy ourselves. For example, there is something about Hard Rock Casinos that does not appeal to us. The casino appears to us as a cold, dark place devoid of excitement. We do not like the machines they offer and the people working there appear stand offish to us. We are not picking on the Hard Rock casino. Many people prefer this casino to others. For some it appears dynamic and exciting especially with its nostalgic design including many mementos from famous artists.

Ambiance at Casinos

Does the ambiance at casinos make a difference in terms of winning or not? Probably not. But you feel better and more confident about the place. You may still lose money, but at least you were entertained and enjoyed the experience. More and more, visiting a casino is about enjoying yourself while there. If you happen to win a small jackpot, even better. It is the icing on the cake.

This is a feeling that we all tap into. Many cannot explain what makes us like a place or not. It is all about atmosphere, decor, music, colors, slot machines, tables and entertainment areas. Many people like the type of people that frequent a casino. Some places attract a particular clientele. For example the Hard Rock as far as we can tell is focused on a younger crowd. While many others focus on the older crowd. It is a tough challenge to be something for everyone.

Let us know what you think about ambiance at casinos and how it affects your decision to go to a casino.

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