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Akwesasne Casino Service

Akwesasne Casino ServiceService with a smile seems to be the motto of the staff at the Akwesasne Casino Service and also at the hotel. We have personally had great service and after sitting in the lounge near the check-in counter have seen this same service offered to many other customers.

Ready to help whenever they can, in fact, I asked a slot tech if he could call a server to bring us a drink and he personally went and got it himself rather than make us wait. Of course, if he had been really busy he might not have done this, but the fact that he did it speaks volumes in our mind. We have never seen that level of service at any other casino ever.

Akwesasne Casino Service – Concierge

The Concierge helps with the bags and other things that a concierge is supposed to do, however, these guys do so in a very friendly manner, joke with the customers, and do all they can to help the customer. I watched them for over an hour one day and everyone appreciated their attitude and support.  They provide directions and are very friendly. While readers might think that this is something they should automatically do, and it is true they should, we have seen enough places where they can barely give you the time of day. These guys are doing a great job.


The Waitresses are always helpful and friendly as well. They are fast and efficient and acknowledge return customers. We always tip, but a few times we have not had any money to tip, and they brush it off with a smile. They know we will tip them in the future and not put out by missing one tip.

This level of service is so different than service at Canadian casinos. When have you ever seen a technician get you a drink? How many times does the bartender or the waitress smile at you? Frankly, they just do not care about the level of service that Canadian casinos provide to their customers.
The Canadian casino staff is not nearly as friendly. When it comes to paying out jackpots, not only do you have to wait for them to show up, they expect a tip as well. The Akwesasne staff are fast and are not looking for tips when they pay out jackpots.

The writer is a Canadian, however, I would much rather spend my money in the US casinos due to the level of service and the comp’s you get. The Akwesasne casino is clearly at the top of the service bar and well worth the money spent to stay there.

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