New york New York Hotel in Las Vegas

New York Hotel & Casino

General Description

The New York Hotel & Casino is located on one of the primary corners of the strip, with the MGM hotel directly across the street connected by overhead walks. On the other corner, connected by overhead walkways is the Excalibur and kitty corner across the intersection is the Tropicana. Next door the Montecarlo is within easy walking distance.

This New York Hotel & Casino sports a New York theme with artificial tree's along the indoor streets and restaurant area. This was the main hotel to remember the people who died on 9/11 with a remembrance area just outside the hotel. The New York Hotel & Casino has a roller coaster ride for young and old alike that roars both outside the hotel and through it. Great food and a fun place to stay.

Rooms are nice, however sometimes it is difficult to figure out which tower you need to get to find the right elevator to your room.

This hotel and casino complex has been awarded a rating of 7.45 out of a maximum of 10.

Major Points of Interest

If you are just passing through the hotel, you will want to take a moment to see the following areas of the New York Hotel & Casino. One of the fun things to do is to ride the roller coaster ride through the hotel and outside. This is a high speed roller coaster, so you need to hold on. This is a fun hotel & Casino, however when compared to the some of the other over the top locations such as the Bellagio it ranks lower on the list. Still a great place to stay and play. Coyote Ugly is a great spot at night were the waitresses dance on the bar. The dueling pianos bar is a very popular place to spend an evening, however this place is so popular there is a cover charge. Gallagers, a popular New York steak house has also been re-created here at the New York, New York hotel. Great steaks and lobster can be found here! There are numerous other restaurants and of course don't forget the Coney Island hot dogs!

  • Roller Coaster Ride
  • Indoor street with a New York brownstone flavour
  • Great food
  • Coyote Ugly
  • Gallagers
  • Dueling Piano bar

What We Liked

This is a nice hotel, friendly staff and helpful. The New York Hotel & Casino is a great place to visit and enjoy Las Vegas. Centrally located, you reach some of the major casinos on the strip within minutes.

  • Central location
  • Restaurants with a New York setting
  • Tribute to 9/11
  • Roller Coaster ride
  • Galagers well aged steaks!
  • Dueling Piano bar

What We Don't Like

These are some of the items or areas that we did not like about the New York Hotel & Casino.

  • Lighting in the Casino is a bit dark

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