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We really enjoyed Wynn Hotel Promotions in Las Vegas. Well we just spent another fabulous two days at the Wynn Casino hotel in Las Vegas!  We had a Wynn hotel promotion and we use these every chance we get. This hotel in our opinion is the best hotel in the area and we always try to stay here Wynn Hotel Promotionswhen we come to Las Vegas.  When you are the best, you can also charge higher rates. The only way we can stay at the Wynn is by being there on a Wynn Hotel Promotions coupon which lately we receive quite often.

Other hotels are charging less than one hundred dollars for the room. While the Wynn hotel can charge over $150 per room per night. This is a basic room which is very elegant and well appointed. Our room faced onto the strip. We had an absolutely fantastic view of the strip, the mall the western side of Vegas and of course the mountains. At night with all of the lights, we had a really fantastic view!

Wynn Hotel Promotions – Play Were you Want to Stay

Our motto has always been, play were you want to stay, and we always want to stay at the Wynn hotel or it’s sister hotel the Encore. We have full descriptions of each of these hotels on our web site, but we just had to write this additional post, because we just got back from staying at this fabulous hotel. The picture above was taken from across the street in front of the Fashion Show Mall, which by the way is another place to visit while you are in Vegas.

Wynn Hotel Promotions are really valuable when you think about it. Not only are we staying in a room that they usually sell for $150 plus, it is an extremely nice room and they also gives us $150 in free play. I know some people get a lot more, but for us and the level of gambling we do this is fabulous.

Visit the Wynn Casino – Get a slot Card

If you are in Las Vegas and staying at some other hotel, at least walk through the casino and I am sure you will be blown away. From the mountain out front with the water falls to the opulent shops in the promenade to the tree line walkway to the check in and the bright red casino, there is something for everyone. They even have an eighteen hole golf course at the back of the hotel should you wish to play. We have not checked out the prices for a round of golf, however I am sure they are expensive.

While you are there sign up for a slot card and play for at least a little while. Depending on your amount of play, they may send you an invitation to stay at the hotel for reduced rates!  For more information on Slot cards, check out our categories for more posts on this subject.

Always Tip the Waitress

You have to hand it to Steve Wynn. When you receive a Wynn Hotel Promotion inviting you to stay at their hotel and even give you free play, he knows you will spend money in his casino, in his restaurants and maybe a show. You can do all of that easily and really enjoy yourself. Drinks while playing in the casino are free and it would be easy to just take the drink and go on playing. We see lot’s of people doing just that. We believe that you should  always tip the waitress. They have to make a living too and besides once they know they are getting tips, you will have fantastic service.

We always tip a dollar and although that is not a lot, we receive the best service and never lack for a drink. Whether it is alcoholic,  juice, coffee or even a hot chocolate, they can deliver almost whatever you offer. Just make sure you tip them each time.

Well that sums up our trip to the Wynn hotel this year on a Wynn Hotel Promotion card. We are looking forward to going again soon. If you like the Wynn as much as we do, let us know. leave your comments too.

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  1. the wynn hotel is by far th ebest hotel in vegas. make sure you get a slot card and you may be eligible for comp’s of food, rooms or slot play.

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