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Where to Stay in Las Vegas

Where to Stay in Las VegasA nephew of mine and his wife are planing to go to Vegas for the first time and were asking were they should stay. I initially recommended they should stay at one of the following  hotels. They are all close to each other and in the center of everything. Unfortunately they can also be expensive as well and might be more than he wants to pay for a hotel room.

Fortunately there is a great deal of competition in Las Vegas and very nice hotels can be found that are less expensive. A major tip about finding cheap rates is to find out what conferences are in Las Vegas, how many people are involved and which hotels are hosting the larger conferences. Staying away from hotels that are hosting large conferences can mean that you find rates that are much cheaper. Even some of the big name hotels will give you cheap rates if they are having a slow week.

Where to Stay in Las Vegas – Nicer Hotels

  • Mirage
  • Treasure island (TI)
  • Wynn,
  • Venation
  • Paris
  • Bellagio

They are prime locations and often a little more pricey than some of the other hotels along the strip. The price at any given time depends on what is going on in Las Vegas as well as in that particular hotel. If there is a major conference taking place, you can be sure that the prices for rooms is going to be much higher. My nephew is looking for something more affordable and sent the following note.

Where to Stay in Las Vegas – Cheaper hotels

  • Luxor
  • Rio All Suite
  • New York New York
  • MGM Grand
  • Mandalay Bay
  • Aria

They are all 4 stars and are a couple hundred less than the Mirage which we are looking into instead of these options. If you could let me know your thoughts

Our comments on these hotels are as follows:

They are all very good hotels and we have stayed Mgm, NYNY, and Aria. It really comes down to location.

Rio– off the strip and you cannot walk to the strip. I think they have a shuttle that you can take or you can take a taxi. Apparently they have a really good night club there if you can get in

Mandalay Bay – very nice hotel, on the strip, across from the airport. But at the extreme south end of the strip, probably 2 miles from the mirage. Lots of walking to get anywhere and you do not want to take taxis all of the time


Better location, on the strip, at the south end, still a long way from the main hotels.

Aria – on the strip, between NYNY and Bellagio, across the street from the Mgm Grand, good location , brand new and very modern looking. we personally do not like it because it is all glass and steel, grey, not the desert tones, huge place and offers everything you will want.

MGM – on the strip, huge, (5000 rooms) can take the monorail to other locations from this hotel, across the street from the NYNY and Aria .

New York, New York– I like this place,my wife not so much, unique in that it represents the ny sky line, and streets of new york inside in the restaurant area, has a roller coaster going through it, has two neat bars – coyotes and also the dueling pianos.

For my money I would stay at NYNY or Mgm. and get a M-life slot card to use when I am playing the slots there. . You can still walk to the Bellagio fountains, the Mirage volcano and the TI pirate show ( about a mile) as well as many of the other hotels along the strip.

Take Good Walking Shoes

Remember these hotels are huge, just to get from your room to the street is a good walk, so make sure you take good walking shoes.

For free drinks , make sure you have some money in the slot machine, whether you are playing or not, tip $1 for a drink for each of you and order whatever you want.


if you go downtown, take a taxi, do not walk. it is too far and there are some less than good areas on the way, especially at night.

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