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Visiting Tunica Casinos

Tunica CasinosIt is that time of year again and we are back in Tunica, Mississippi on our annual trip to Tunica and the Tunica Casinos. This time we are staying at the Gold Strike Hotel and Casino for four nights complimentary. This is such a great deal since the rooms are very nice, clean and modern as is the hotel. If you are looking for a place to stay for the night whether you gamble or not this is one of the better hotels to stay at. Tunica is just south of Memphis. It takes about 30 minutes by car to get from Memphis to the closest Tunica Casinos.

Tunica Casinos – Rooms at the Gold Strike In Tunica

Our room at the Gold Strike hotel looks out onto the Mississippi river from the 22nd floor. It is close to the elevators which we like and the room is one of the upgraded rooms with a separate foyer and a large marble bathroom. the only thing lacking is a flat screen TV in the bathroom to match the one in the main bedroom.  This is probably a $150 to $200 room and when you consider it is complimentary, it truly is a great deal. Sure we like to gamble and sometimes we pay for it in losses, but sometimes we also make money and it is a win for us overall.

Two for One Deals at the Buffet

We ate at the buffet this morning. Today is a 2 for one deal when you pay for your meal using your express comp dollars! These are dollars that you receive as you are gambling and can be used for everything from paying for meals to paying for your room if it is not fully complimentary. Several times during the month the Gold Strike offers these two for one deals at the buffet when you use you express comp’s. All you have to do is give them your MLife card, show proper ID such as a driver’s license and they will give you two free buffets which only cost half price when you pay with express comp’s. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

Tunica Casinos – Changes at the Gold Strike

So far we have not noticed any changes at the Gold Strike from last year. There certainly have not been any major upgrades that we saw and the same machines appear to be all in the same places. Many casinos will move machines around and / or install new ones from time to time. So far it does not look like they have done this.

The same is true at the Horseshoe casino run by Harrahs. It is next door to the Gold Strike. Unfortunately the Roadhouse was closed the last time we visited the area. We also visited the Roadhouse Casino next door to the Horseshoe which is also run by Harrahs. We like this small casino. It has introduced a lot of new machines in the last year, many that we like. It kept many of the old stalwarts that we also enjoy. One of the things we like the most about the Roadhouse is that you can order your drink at the machine. all you need to do is type on the slot machine message board. No waiting to flag down a waitress. Just type in your order and your drink is delivered a few minutes later! How great is that?


Well that completes our update for this visit. Looks like the same old great value and great food, what more could you ask for? Well maybe winning at the slots would help, which we have not done yet. If you have comments about this post , feel free to leave a well written comment. We will be happy to post it to our blog. We will even include your link if it is a good comment. Too many leave junk comments wanting a link and frankly these are all caught by our spam filter.

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  1. we also go to Tunica at least twice a year if not more often when we can afford it. we really like the casinos there and the prices are very good as well. We seldom pay for our rooms and we usually get a lot of food comps as well. Its a good deal when they are free although the casinos usually take our money.

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