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Starbucks at the Aquarius Closes

Aquarius Casino In Laughlin NevadaStarbucks at the Aquarius hotel and casino in Laughlin is now closed as of March 2013. It was replaced with a new coffee shop run by the hotel which will be opened in a few months.

They still have Subway and now also a McDonald’s restaurant. McDonald’s does not have wi-fi. However, the hotel has replaced the Starbucks wi-fi with a guest wi-fi service for people to use. The McDonald’s is pretty nice as these restaurants go and are a great place to meet. They offer the traditional free refills of coffee, which we enjoy a lot. They have a limit of two refills per customer.

Aquarius WiFi

I am using free WiFi now to prepare this post. During construction it has been intermittent, however, once the construction is finished, hopefully, it will be better. The new restaurant or coffee shop will be ready in a few months.

There is no guarantee that they will keep the free WiFi going, however many clients of the hotel have come to depend on it and use it to stay in touch with their friends and families, make reservations and update blogs as I am doing. Since we wrote this post, they opened the new Duet coffee shop, and the WiFi is operating as it was when Starbucks was in operation.

The Aquarius appears to be on a general upgrade program that is slowly improving their property. They have been changing a few machines and expanding the nonsmoking areas, which is a huge improvement as far as we are concerned.They still have the great buffet as well as the ala carte restaurant, however in our opining this could use some improvement. It is a little depressing to eat in this particular restaurant.

I cannot wait to see what they do next.

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