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Spa Casino Buffet Palm Springs

Spa Casino Buffet Palm SpringsDinner at the Spa Casino Palm Springs was not up to par as far as we are concerned. We recently had dinner at the buffet at the  Spa Casino in Palm Springs. We wanted to pass our thoughts on this buffet to our readers. For the original review of the casino in Palm Springs, click here.

The buffet on Saturday night is billed as a seafood buffet and the cost is $23.99 plus tax. Now if you have a slot card, they will reduce the cost of the buffet by 10%. As a result for two people saves you almost $5.00. We were very disappointed in the buffet, especially the seafood part of it. There were a number of reasons for this disappointment. We will list them a bit later in this post. We had heard good things about the buffet at the Spa Casino. However it really is a matter of personal taste regarding what people think of various restaurants. I can tell you that we have tried many buffets at various casinos. Consequently this one rates as one of the worst for us.

Spa Casino Buffet Palm Springs

Here is our list of reasons, you make your own assessment or opinion on these items:

  • No service for drinks, you pick up your own
  • Limited seafood – crab legs, salmon, calamari and shrimp
  • Crab legs were very small and the legs were filled with water, smelled very fishy
  • Calamari was breaded and over cooked so it was difficult to chew
  • Shrimp were very small
  • Salmon was ok
  • There was a large selection of standard items
  • These food items were ok
  • Desserts were very small

Bottom line was that we paid extra to go for a seafood buffet. Hence we were very disappointed in the items that were provided.

Now we should have caught on early before we paid. The time we entered the buffet  was around 6pm. Which was the typical time that many people will go for dinner. First of all not only was there no line up to get in, there was no line up any time to get into the buffet. It was very slow, which for us was nice, in that there are not a lot of people around. However what it means is that people are  voting with there feet and going elsewhere.

Not only was the food less than great, the price is high as well. There are many restaurants in Palm Springs, many with happy hour menus. Consequently for $50 you can enjoy a very nice meal that is served to you. As a result we think that the combination of high price and poor quality of the food is driving potential customers away in droves.

We would like to hear comments from readers about your experience at the Spa Casino in Palm Springs and what you think of the Spa casino buffet.



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  1. we have eaten at the spa casino buffet in the past as well and noticed a huge change this time. Poor service, less food selection and the seafood was really bad. Smelled fishy. Definitely not worth the money!

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