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Shops at Venetian

VenetianThe Venetian Casino and hotel as well as the shops at the Venetian are located along the strip across from Treasure Island. It is right in the middle of the strip as far as the strip hotels are concerned. It is also attached to the Sands Convention center. If you are attending a convention in this area, this is a great place to stay.  That is to say it is so central and close to the convention center.

We have included a couple of pictures of one of the areas inside the hotel with the current decor. As with most of the major hotels, they go to great pains to decorate and provide displays. Many people will spend time viewing and taking pictures of these decorations. They change it on a regular basis. So even if you are not staying at the hotel it is definitely worth a trip to the Venetian casino just to view the decorations and also to walk through the shops of the Venetian casino and hotel.

Shops at Venetian

2VenetianThere is also a waterfall in this same area which on a practical basis is used to add humidity to the air, while at the same time provides a beautiful view for visitors who are strolling through. The shops at the Venetian are on the second floor. they have a blue sky on the ceiling to give you the impression you are strolling outside.

Visitors can also take a gondola around the shopping area. This is designed to emulate the shopping and the gondola rides that are available in Venice. The boats can be rented by the hour. You can just relax and take a tour of the shopping area at the Venetian hotel. We actually have never taken one of these rides. However many people do all of the time and seem to enjoy their time. The operators of the gondolas also sing to them as well as answer their questions about the hotel, the casino and the shops of course.



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