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Palio at Bellagio – Las Vegas

Palio at Bellagio Coffee Shop Palio at Bellagio is a great little cafe overlooking the pool were you can have a quick bite, coffee etc.
We always go here for our breakfast and split one of the gigantic muffins. They are so large that they will
easily satisfy most people. It is a bit expensive, but it is one of the few places you can get free refills of coffee. They also have the best blueberry jam from France! This is truly a great little place to read the paper, keep up with your social networks or write blog posts like this.

The Palio at Bellagio

This little cafe has become one of our traditions. Every time we go to Vegas, whether we are staying at the Bellagio or not we come here for breakfast on one morning. My wife likes the atmosphere and the view of the pool. I like the muffins, particularly the raisin bran muffins with blueberry jam spread across them. We cut them into 3 slices, they are so large and then spread jam across all three slices. This is one of the best tasting muffins around.

Prices are a bit on the high side, but then what isn’t in Las Vegas. A coffee in a Starbucks that is attached to a Casino is going to cost $3.50 a small coffee. Normally you would pay $1.75 for the same thing at a regular Starbucks. You pay for the atmosphere and the surroundings. It is just part of the overall cost of going to Las Vegas.

Although the number of calories is probably really high, once or twice a year is not going to make a huge difference and beside while you are in Vegas you are walking a great deal so that makes up for it. While in Vegas you probably get more exercise than any other time of the year just with the amount of walking that you do while in the city.

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