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Outback Restaurant at Aquarius Casino

Outback Restaurant at Aquarius CasinoWe ate at the Outback restaurant at Aquarius casino hotel in Laughlin Nevada tonight and enjoyed the meal very much. We sat in the bar area at a booth rather than wait in line for a table.  It measured up to other Outback restaurants we have been to in Canada and other parts of the US. The Aquarius Casino and hotel are in Laughlin Nevada. It is situated along the Colorado River along with about 8 or 9 other hotels in the area.

The restaurant is inside the hotel and does not have outdoor access. We found it to be quite dark and not endearing to us. The service was ok, although one of the servers lost a plate and it went screaming to the floor with a lot of food etc spattered all over the place. this was a bit of excitement we could have done without. These things happen, however, it was just one more thing that we think will persuade us to not go back to this particular restaurant.

Outback Restaurant at Aquarius Casino vs. Texas Roadhouse

However, when we compare it to a Texas Roadhouse or Logan’s roadhouse, we found it somewhat lacking. We have been to these restaurants as well in many places and have come to enjoy them very much for their atmosphere, their food, and of course their happy hour drinks and specials. A Texas Roadhouse is at the top of our list in terms of places to go for pubs and eateries of this particular class.

We found that portion size, tenderness of the meat, size of the baked potato, no salad all for a price that is more expensive than either of the other places mentioned just did not cut it for us. Of course, we are in a Casino, so the prices tend to be a bit higher, however, most casinos go out of their way to make sure that the portion size of the meal is way beyond what you really need to have. These portion sizes were actually quite small and not really appetizing at all. The baked potato was suitable for one person for example and not really shareable. A baked potato at a Texas Roadhouse for example would be twice the size and very sharable.

We probably will not go back to this particular restaurant chain, preferring to go to other places that provide better value. We will definitely not be going back to the Outback Steakhouse at the Aquarius and instead will go to some of the other restaurants at this hotel and other casinos along the Colorado River in Laughlin.

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