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Online Casino ReviewsOnline casino reviews are always a little suspect. We happen to think that most people would only write a review if the comments are negative. They are upset enough to take the time to write an online casino review. Any positive ones may have been written by paid writers to write these reviews and make the online casino look great. We happen to think that the odds of winning at an online casino are actually worse than traditional casinos. But then again, there does not appear to be a lo t of factual information to support this idea.

Online Casino Reviews – Slot Comp’s

Online casinos can really only offer free play which you can then use to pay your favorite slot machine or table game. Regular or traditional casinos have so many more opportunities to use to comp their players. These include free hotel rooms, free meals, free show tickets even free transportation.  They also offer free play as well along with free drinks at many of the casinos run by public companies. Even if the drinks are not free, the prices are usually deeply discounted for customers who are playing in the casino.

Online Casino Reviews – Where to Spend Your Money

While we enjoy gambling there is so much more to gambling than just playing a machine or table game. There is the entertainment, the atmosphere that goes with a casino, the meals the drinks and on and on.

There is a huge social side to the casino that you do not receive when you play online at a casino. You get to interact with other people at the tables or the slots. Sometimes the game is as much playing the people as it is playing the game. For example if you are playing texas holdem. How do you get a read on what cards your opponent is holding when you are playing online? You cannot read his facial expressions or look for tells.  It so much more interesting to play in a real casino vs an online casino. You might not have been expecting this sort of post for online casino reviews, however this is our take on the whole scene.

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