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New Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Cascades Bar Open

Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Cascades BarThe Akwesasne Mohawk Casino has opened another section of the new wing of the casino on Nov 9th. The Cascades bar has opened. It is modern, it is high class and it has the same machines as the bar that was in the tent. For the information of readers the old bar in the tent was being dismantled when we arrived on the 9th of Nov. the new section has about 50% of the floor occupied with slot machines, the high roller area and the Cascades bar. I am sure the rest of the floor will be filled in the next few weeks and we will write about this over the next month or so.

The Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Cascades Bar

The new hotel is making progress and is still expected to be open in March of 2013. As far as we know it is still on schedule. The front desk personnel at the Comfort Inn next door tell us that the rates for rooms will be higher than theirs; however we feel that it will really depend on supply and demand. If the casino is not busy they will be sending people invites with free rooms attached. We have talked about this in several of our posts were customers can expect free rooms and meals from casinos as long as they are using their slot cards in the slot machines when they are playing.

Drink Prices on the Rise at the Casino

The casino has also started raising prices for drinks. Formally we paid one dollar for a draft beer on the floor as well as at the bar. Now the price is $1.50, a fifty cent rise in price. The price is still not high and we cannot really complain, but just the same no one wants to see a fifty percent rise in price. They also no longer serve popcorn at the bar. I guess they think that it is not as cultured to serve popcorn. They did tell us they plan to serve something soon, but are not sure what that will be.

Patrons Coming from Canada and Surrounding Area

Lately we have done well at this casino; however that may all change as they strive to generate more revenue to pay for all of the expansion. The last time we were at the casino, was on a Friday and it was quite busy with many people coming from the area as well as from Cornwall, Ottawa and Montreal. One patron I spoke to had been at the casino three times that week. Said she did not like the casino in Montreal and preferred to come to the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino instead.

Restaurants are Getting Better Too

The restaurant Sticks has also improved a bit with a nicer entrance of the main lobby of the casino entrance. Rapids, which is fast food place serves up pizza, burger and salads. The buffet which we also wrote about in a previous post is great with excellent food quality and decor.

We have been going to this casino once or twice a month for the past little while. Pretty soon we will make our annual trip to the southwestern area of the US and will write more about the casinos in this area as well.

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