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Lack of automation at Rideau Carlton Casino

Rideau Carlton CasinoOne thing that we’ve noticed recently at the Rideau Carlton Casino is a lack of automation concerning comps and the slot card. The only way to really find out if you have enough points to cover a meal, cashback, or qualify for draws is to go to the winner’s desk. Find out if you qualify for any comps.

They do have machines throughout the floor where you can have coupons cashed. You can also find out how much cashback you’re entitled to. But if you want to have a meal and have it paid for by the casino you have to go to the winner’s desk. Find out if you have enough to qualify for a meal.

Rideau Carlton Casino Competition

Other casinos that we are going to have everything automated on the card. All you need to do is go to the restaurant of your choice to give them your slot card. They will automatically deduct the points that you need to pay for the meal.  You cannot use your points to cover drinks at any time. We find this much easier than having to stand in line and ask if you qualify for a meal.

It is about time that the Rideau Carlton Casino updated their slot card system and made it friendlier for their patrons. It is almost an attitude thing. You get the impression that big brother is watching over you. The other thing we really do not like is the two guards in uniform standing at the entrance. They check if everyone is of the proper age. It is not very friendly. All casinos have the same thing. However, the guards are dressed in suits. They show a little class. What is wrong with the Rideau Carleton Casino?


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