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How to find the casino slot host

How to find the casino slot hostAll Casinos have several ways to find the casino slot host and you really just need to know a little about their function to know which way is the best regarding how to find the casino slot host. The most obvious one is the slot card office that every casino has. They often call it the winners circle, or the slot card host or some other name. It is often near the cashier’s cage and sometimes it is even the same group of people.

They handle the day to day slot host requests such as free slot play, coupon awards etc. You can also talk to them on the phone by asking for the casino slot host. There are at least two other interfaces for those people who spend a little more money in the casino. They will actually have an office and you can usually walk in and ask for their help if you qualify.

How to find the Casino Slot Host

The first tier or lower tier is for people who qualify for a slot host but are not considered whales. They spend a lot of money and they qualify for free rooms, meals and entertainment.

You can meet the slot host in their office which is a semi-private place just off the main casino floor. If the office is not staffed 24/7, there will be a phone that you can use to be connected to a slot host or to have one paged to come and meet you.

The next level is a very plush area, usually off the casino floor, for VIP’s often set up with small snacks, drinks and comfortable couches and chairs to relax in while you wait for your personal casino host.

This host will make arrangements of all kinds for you again based on your play. They will provide upgraded free rooms, VIP seating in restaurants and shows and perhaps even transportation.

Finally there are the whales, the truly big spenders at the casino. Anything they want is offered and the host might even be assigned to them 24/7 while they are in town. Very few people qualify for this level.

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