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Hollywood Casino Hotel at Pennsylvania State national race course

Hollywood CasinoWe visited the Hollywood Casino Hotel in Pennsylvania at the national racecourse for the first time this year. We found it to be a lovely casino with many different kinds of slot machines, poker tables, and great restaurants. Of course, there’s also the racing venue although we did not look at it.

They have ample parking for surface parking as well as in the garage.

Hollywood Casino Hotel – No Hotel

The only complaint that we have is that they do not have a hotel next to the casino or the racetrack. We spoke to one of the security guards. They told us there was too much competition in the area and there were lots of hotels and motels a couple of miles away. We prefer to stay at the hotel at the casino rather than have to get in a car and drive to the motel.

We enjoy having a couple of drinks while we’re gambling and after even two drinks you’re probably over the limit and therefore should not be driving from the casino to a hotel.

Slot Machines

We also noticed that they have very few Keno machines, as well as poker machines in the casino compared to all of the other slot machines that they have. For those of you who enjoy playing these types of games, you may be a bit disappointed. This is a typical race track oriented casino.

Other than that this is a great place to spend a few hours gambling and enjoy playing slot machines, the races when they have a horse racing night or just having a drink and enjoying the atmosphere. With little in the general area, paying a visit to the Hollywood Casino can be a nice evening out. As always, patrons must be careful of how much they wager on the horses or the slot machines. It is easy to find yourself losing more than you planned.



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