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Golden Nugget Casino – Claim Jumper

Claim Jumper Golden Nugget CasinoThe Golden Nugget Casino in Laughlin Nevada has been updating one of their restaurants. Harlows, a restaurants that many of you might know has been renamed to “Claim Jumper”. They have a new menu and spruced up a bit.

The menu has changed, the food is still excellent and the quantities are large. There is lots of food for those of you who want to split a meal. We often split meals simply because we cannot eat so much. The restaurant is really good about this. They will provide us with two plates with the meal already split equally. We ordered two eggs, a slice of ham with the bone in, home fries and toast for a price of $7.99. The meal was split and my wife actually could not finish her half.

Golden Nugget Casino – Restaurant

The waiters and waitresses at the Claim Jumper at the Golden Nugget casino in Laughlin Nevada, all are the same with new uniforms that are very tasteful. While the menu has changed, there are still excellent meals. the early bird meals are no longer available, so some people may pay a little more than they used to.

The Claim Jumper is located at the front of the hotel near the waterfall and jungle area. There is lots of light and it is a very enjoyable place to have breakfast or any other meal. Note that you can use the points on your slot card to pay for your meal as well provided that you use your slot card when you are playing the slots at the Golden Nugget.

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