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Fremont Street Experience

Visiting the Fremont Street Experience is one of the must things to do in Las Vegas. It is free and the best time to visit is in the evening to experience the light show and the entertainment. If you are staying somewhere on the strip in one of the strip hotels, take a taxi, the bus or drive down to downtown Las Vegas and see the Fremont Street Experience. Best time to go is early evening just before it gets dark. Park at the Golden Nugget hotel parking lot. Get your parking stub stamped at the cashier’s cage in the Golden Nugget. Then head out to the street.

The picture above is showing one of the shows that is  done in lights on the ceiling. Of course you can play a little in the casino or have dinner there or in any of the other hotels. But the main reason we are suggesting you want to make the trip down is to visit Fremont street and take in all of the action.

What is the Fremont Street Experience?

 The entire street, which is the original downtown Las Vegas mecca is covered over for about six city blocks. On the ceiling every 30 minutes at night, they put on a sound and light show for all of the tourists. The lights from the casinos shown in the picture on the left are turned off and the show begins with a fabulous light and music show that really will enthrall just about anyone. There are no street lights on this section of Fremont street, since the casinos generate more light than any street light ever would. The street is closed to auto traffic and there are literally thousands of people strolling along and watching the show on the ceiling.

This picture  shows what the street looks like during the daytime. Nothing special, but you can see the supporting columns that hold the ceiling up and support the large speakers that deliver fabulous sound. When the light show is not on, there are many other activities as well taking place. it changes all of the time so if you do not see what we saw, I am sure you will see other things as well that we equally interesting.


For example there were two dance bands at either end if the street. These bands, the singers and the dancers were excellent and worth spending some time listening to. You can also zip lining along the street for several blocks as well. They have this set up above the street level and four people can go at the same time. Usually groups have races to see who can get to the other end the quickest.

There are also many people who will pose for a picture. There are cartoon characters as well as characters from various TV shows. Of course there is always an Elvis or two. You can to take your picture with one of these characters. Note that they will always have their hand out for a tip. This is how they make their living. Although they initially make it look like something that they just do for fun, they have their hands out for a tip. There was even a mini Elvis as shown in the picture on the left. And of course he wanted his tip afterwords.

If you have been to the Fremont Street Experience, write a comment or two about your experience. It is well worth spending the time to go there. Just make sure you hold on tight to your wallet or purse while watching the show.


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