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Entrance to the Beau Rivage Casino

Beau Rivage CasinoThis is the main entrance to the Beau Rivage Hotel and the casino located in Biloxi, Mississippi. Beautiful grounds that are well kept and very pleasant to walk around. The only negative about these grounds is that they are usually in the shade. Until later in the spring when the sun has moved further north and temperatures warm up. We stayed at this hotel in mid-January. We were fortunate to find sunny skies with warm temperatures. The hotel is located along the Gulf of Mexico along the shore with a 3rd-floor swimming pool on the south side looking out over the Gulf of Mexico.

The Beau Rivage is part of the MGM Resorts group and that means that your M-Life card works here as well and so do the comp’s that you may be eligible for.  We were fortunate and receive one night free and the other night at the casino rate which saved us a lot of money. The drinks are free while you are gambling as usual and they have several very nice restaurants that serve really great food in their restaurant and their buffet.

Beau Rivage Casino – Elegant

This hotel although smaller than the Las Vegas hotels has all of the elegance of these hotels. Marble floors, high ceilings, very clean and nicely decorated. We like visiting this hotel for its ambiance and for the area that it is in. We enjoy walking along the beach which has lots of sand and really is a beautiful place to spend time when the weather is great. Unfortunately, some buildings along the coast still show the effects of Hurricane Katrina. Some are being rebuilt and many still have not been reconstructed.

They still allow smoking, but at least there is lots of air movement so that you do not notice the smoke as much unless someone is smoking a cigar. Why do they still allow smoking in these casinos? Who knows? The cost of cleaning and the cost of dealing with repairs caused by the buildup of ashes and nicotine is monumental.

There are more and more nonsmoking areas. Even with these areas, the smoke drifts around especially when someone is smoking a cigar. These people are really ignorant and should never be allowed to smoke inside a building.


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