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Double bonus video poker

Double bonus video pokerWe recently posted an article about deuces wild video poker and we had won 10 four of a kind deuces wild for total win of $500. We also like to play Double bonus video poker.

A few days later, we are playing another video poker game, this time double bonus video poker and playing five games at a time. This time, a royal flush came up on the bottom line of cards which automatically carries to all the other hands. I was only playing five games at this time and not 10 as in the previous one. Not sure why just what I chose that day.

Amazingly, a royal flush pays $200 when you’re betting five Nichols per hand and there were five poker hands so for a $1.25 I was paid $1000. Pretty exciting! I’ve only been able to win like that once before where I got a royal flush and was paid $1000 , however I was betting quarters at that time.

Double bonus video poker

There are several different styles of video poker with multiple hands played. This particular one is probably the simplest one where you just play five or 10 hands at a time. Another type has a random multiplier that appears from time to time. If you have a winning hand your win is multiplied by the random number that pops up on the screen. The random multiplier ranges from 2 to 10. They can provide large payoffs if you catch the right hand and also a large multiplier at the same time.

Another type is also a multiplier, but is based on your previous hand. These multipliers can also range from 2 to sometimes as much as 12 times per hand. They only apply to the individual hand that won on the previous play. Again a large jackpot can be won in situations like this.

The hand above was played on a straight video poker machine with no multipliers. The cost was five credits per hand, which in my case was nickels. When you are playing multiplier games, they will charge you an additional amount. Which sometimes can be as much as three more credits per play.

It gets pretty exciting when you win these large hands at double bonus video poker

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