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Zombie Gambling

August 21st, 2016 ernie Posted in Casino No Comments »

Zombie GamblingHave you seen people gambling for hours at the same machine? Maybe you have even done this yourself.  Zombie gambling can be described as: losing track of time; body stiffness from sitting too long; missing out on family activities; not stopping after winning a jackpot and losing the entire amount;  etc. Most of us have found ourselves in this situation and regretted losing all of our money or wondering where the day or evening went. Perhaps our friends or family members have tried to divert us from the slot machines to no avail. If these things describe your situation, it is time to take stock of yourself and make changes.

Avoid Zombie Gambling

Take time to enjoy the other amenities, get up from your slot machine after a specific amount of time to stretch your legs, go for a drink , take a walk outside etc. Break the repetitive situation your in and enjoy all of the other things that casinos have to offer.

Spend time with family who would really like to spend time with you. See a show together, go for a drink, even just for a walk together. Quality time like this is worth it for your own health, your relationship and financial well being.

Go for dinner or a meal at least. Zombie Gambling leads to poor nutrition, too much drinking and smoking and tiredness. If you come back from a trip to the casino exhausted and all you did was sit at a slot machine, it is time to change your habits. Break up the routine and you will find that you not only enjoy the excursion much more, you will not be nearly as tired.

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Las Vegas Mirage nighttime 

May 7th, 2016 ernie Posted in Casino No Comments »

Las Vegas Mirage nighttime Las Vegas Mirage nighttime show looking at the volcano just before it erupts. Watch the show from in front of the sidewalk at night or from across the street. Both locations are excellent. You can feel the heat from the volcano in both locations. However, you can get more of a perspective of the entire volcano in front of the hotel when you are across the street. Most importantly the volcano erupts every 30 minutes with flames, spouting geysers, etc. But sometimes the show is canceled if winds are high. They do not want to risk damage to the display or danger to the people watching from the sidewalk which is actually quite close to the flames.

Las Vegas Mirage nighttime

There are lots of people standing around watching the show. Hold onto your kids, your purses, and your wallets. With the crowds of people, you never know what can happen.

Walk along the strip at night from in front of the Bellagio all of the ways down to TI. Lots of people to watch along the strip especially in front of the Flamingo and Harrahs. Some people are really weird along with others that are dressed as various characters. They want to have their picture taken with you for a price of course. Lots of buskers and impersonators who want to be paid for their picture.

Be careful, most people are average nice people but some are not.


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Las Vegas Strip at Night

April 21st, 2016 ernie Posted in Casino No Comments »

Las Vegas Strip at NightThe Las Vegas strip at night taken from the Wynn hotel on the 36th floor looking south towards Treasure Island or TI and the Mirage casino. What a picture of the strip at night with all of the lights and glitz of the Las Vegas strip. We enjoy staying at the Wynn hotel. It is clean, it is glamorous and the service is impeccable. Although it is expensive to stay there, it is definitely worth the money.

Always obtain a free slot card and use it whenever you are playing the slots or the tables. You never know when they will send you a free offer of a room, free play or a free meal.

Las Vegas Strip at Night

Great views of the volcano at the Mirage casino which erupts at night! Most nights the volcano erupts every half hour unless the winds are too high. If they are too high it is cancelled and you probably do not want to be walking on the strip anyway.

We walked past Harrahs, Imperial and Flamingo casinos. There were lots of people out strolling, checking out the sights and listening to the music from some of the casinos as well as just people watching. Lots of buskers and imitation people were also out trying to make a buck – Elvis, Michael Jackson, and more. You need to pay if you want your picture taken with them. Some are pretty good , although most are poor imitations of the famous people they are trying to copy.

Also topless girls wearing pasties are available for pictures! This is a look at the underside of Las Vegas, however it you stick with the better hotels, you can enjoy all of the glitz and high class service that Vegas has to offer. There is none of this sort of thing around the Wynn or the Bellagio for example.

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Slot Ticket Left in a Slot Machine

February 7th, 2016 ernie Posted in Casino Etiquette No Comments »

Slot Ticket Left in a Slot MachineHave you ever found a slot ticket left in a slot machine? It just sits there in the printer slot after the previous player forgot to take it out and left it there. If it is for a small amount, there really is no concern, however larger amounts present an issue for many people. Even small amounts sometimes are challenged by the previous players when the eventually realize that they forgot to collect their slot tickets.

Slot Ticket Left in a Slot Machine

Every slot ticket has a serial number. They are date stamped, time-stamped and stamped with the machine they were removed from. They contain a lot of information and are easily traceable.

It is just not worth it to keep the ticket and play it or cash it. A small amount of money is not worth the embarrassment of a public confrontation or being accosted by security.

When a ticket is forgotten and the player comes back to collect it, they have several options. They can ask for the ticket and if refused, can also call security. Security can checked the videos to confirm who removed the ticket. If necessary track them through the casino and challenge them for the ticket.

This actually happened to a friend of ours. She waited over half an hour to see if the previous player was going to come back. They did not so she put the ticket in her purse and walked away to another slot machine. Security eventually caught up with her and demanded the ticket back.

Fortunately, she still had the ticket and provided it to security. Otherwise, she would have had to come up with the cash and return it to the original player. They had tracked her through the casino and easily found her to confront her about the lost slot ticket.

The moral of the story is that you should not spend it. If it is truly a large amount, call security immediately and report the situation.

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Credits left in a Slot Machine

February 7th, 2016 ernie Posted in Casino Etiquette No Comments »

Credits left in a Slot MachineHow many times have you found credits left in a slot machine? It has happened to many of us and we all wonder what we should do. When you stop to think about it there is an answer to the question and it is really quite simple. The money is not yours and you should not spend it, take it or gamble with it. In 99% of the cases most casino patrons will realize that they have left their money in the slot machine and will come back for it. You really do not want to be embarrassed and have casino security demanding that you repay the forgetful player.

Credits left in a Slot Machine – Why?

If it is a small amount, let’s say a couple of dollars at the most, no one is going to worry too much about it. If it is more than that then you should take a few steps to protect yourself from embarrassment or worse. Why you ask? Here is what could happen and actually did happen to a friend of ours.

She found $87 in credits left in a slot machine one day. She waited for 5 or 10 minutes and when no one came to claim the credits she pressed the cash out button and received the slot ticket. Once she had the ticket, She then played her own money in that slot machine. After 30 minutes or so, she decided to move to another slot machine and wandered around the casino, in fact going to the other end, still with the $87 slot ticket in her purse.

A short while later a security guard approached her and asked if she had the ticket. The original player finally remembered, went back to the slot machine and found no credits in the machine. She then went to security who pulled up the video, saw our friend remove the money and then followed her around the casino until a security guard could physically track her down.

She naturally gave up the ticket, but what if she had spent the money or worse denied the claim. Now she would be pulled into the security offices and a possible charge levied against her. No one wants that. So the moral of the story is, do not spend the credits left in a slot machine. Someone will remember and security will track you down.

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