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Online Casino Reviews

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Online Casino ReviewsOnline casino reviews are always a little suspect. We happen to think that most people would only write a review if the comments are negative. They are upset enough to take the time to write an online casino review. Any positive ones may have been written by paid writers to write these reviews and make the online casino look great. We happen to think that the odds of winning at an online casino are actually worse than traditional casinos. But then again, there does not appear to be a lo t of factual information to support this idea.

Online Casino Reviews – Slot Comp’s

Online casinos can really only offer free play which you can then use to pay your favorite slot machine or table game. Regular or traditional casinos have so many more opportunities to use to comp their players. These include free hotel rooms, free meals, free show tickets even free transportation.  They also offer free play as well along with free drinks at many of the casinos run by public companies. Even if the drinks are not free, the prices are usually deeply discounted for customers who are playing in the casino.

Online Casino Reviews – Where to Spend Your Money

While we enjoy gambling there is so much more to gambling than just playing a machine or table game. There is the entertainment, the atmosphere that goes with a casino, the meals the drinks and on and on.

There is a huge social side to the casino that you do not receive when you play online at a casino. You get to interact with other people at the tables or the slots. Sometimes the game is as much playing the people as it is playing the game. For example if you are playing texas holdem. How do you get a read on what cards your opponent is holding when you are playing online? You cannot read his facial expressions or look for tells.  It so much more interesting to play in a real casino vs an online casino. You might not have been expecting this sort of post for online casino reviews, however this is our take on the whole scene.

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The Best Online Casinos

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The Best Online CasinosThe best online casinos are the ones that you win at. Unfortunately, it is believed that the online casinos which are mostly offshore, unregulated pay out the worst odds of all casinos including the traditional brick and mortar casinos. Sure it is convenient and comfortable to play your favorite slot machine or table game from home, but can you really win anything substantial from an online casino? We think not and it is just another way to be fleeced by someone sitting in another country and getting rich.

Best Online Casinos – Anecdotal Information

How many times have you played for free on an online casino using free chips they provided and won large jackpots? Probably many times. They always seem to be loose when you are playing for funny money or free play. But then you think, hey, I can do this with real money and make a killing on one of these online casinos. You decide to sign up, give them your credit card and now you are playing with real money, not free plan and it is your money. Before you know it, you hit a string of bad luck and suddenly your initial deposit is gone and they are asking for more. Do you pay more or not.

Frankly, I would not. We love to gamble, but in real casinos with people around us in casinos that are regulated and have a history or paying out more in either money or comps which brings us to the next topic.

Best Online Casinos – Promotions

In most cases all an online casino can do is  to give you free play. Which you can use in place of your own cash. This is money that you can actually win something with. But it usually goes pretty fast as well.

At least real brick and mortar casinos can provide you with the following comp’s depending on the amount that you actually play. Here is a brief list of promotions that a real casino can provide compared to the best online casinos:

  • Free Play
  • Free meals
  • Complimentary  hotel rooms
  • Free show tickets
  • Free bridge or toll passes
  • Gasoline for your car
  • Free prizes and awards
  • Free slot tournaments

and much more if you are a high roller. The above is a short list of what even the casual player can receive. It is something to think about when considering the best online casinos.

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Free Online Gambling

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Have you ever tried free online gambling? There are many sites available where gamblers can play for free. They can play their favorite slot machines, or table games and enjoy gambling for free. Some sites do not have any hooks to get you to spend any money. They prefer to allow you to gamble for free with you clicking on advertisements. You can also play for real money or just want more information about a particular subject. You can also add points based on your play which can be used for free things such as free meals or even rooms if the site is associated with one of the traditional casino properties such as MGM.

Many online gambling sites that offer free online gambling, give you the opportunity to buy more free credit for a normal amount. Some sites will offer additional free credit for a nominal fee e.g.. Five dollars.

Free Online gambling – Credit

We have tried these sites and usually what happens is that the free credit that they give you is lost rather quickly. Then they offer additional credits for a fee. The amount of money they are charging for added credits is not large and will not break the bank. We just refuse to pay these amounts on principle, since the site was advertised as a free site.

Rather than pay money for additional credit from these so-called free online gambling sites, we just move to another online site to play slots and table games. Free online gambling sites usually provide additional free credit once a day or every two hours ongoing. But the real motive is to sell you the additional credit and make money that way.

Also if you are playing the table games, are you playing against other real players or are you playing against the computer? Playing against a computer is very different from playing against real people online.

Not Paying Well

We have also found that when you’re playing on their free credit, the slot machine does not pay very well and it does not take long to run through the free credit. They really want to sell additional free credit that you pay for. There are so many free sites available that you should never pay for free credit.

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Play Casino Online

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Play Casino OnlineWe recently downloaded a casino online app to our iPad and began to play casino online. This is a free app and also a free online casino game with many different slot machines. You can play them as well as video poker games. This as it turned out was a very sophisticated online casino. However, they were really trying to persuade me to sign up and play for real money or to buy more chips. It was great fun and enjoyed it very much for the first day. After that, it was not nearly as much fun.

Play Casino Online – Making Money

When we first signed up to play this free slot machine game on our iPad, we were given $1 million in free play credit. Sounds like a lot of money! We started playing video slot games on the iPad. Either we chose a really bad game to play or just were not winning. But we went through the $1 million in about three hours.

We then attempted to have more free credit so we can continue playing. We found that the video slot machine wanted to charge us some money to add free credit. So we refused and moved on to another game. This is really a shell game to try to charge you for playing online video games using your tablet or smartphone. The video slot machine app developer is trying to make some money. There was no way to recoup any money that you might spend. So you really end up just spending money buying free credit. Which is not free so that you can play a slot machine online.

Play Casino Online – The Next Day

We again tried the app the following day. This time we were awarded 75,000 in free play instead of 1 million. We went through that 75,000 in about 30 minutes.

The online slot machine app on our smartphone is actually a lot of fun to play however they’re trying to make money and charging for the play credits is one of the ways. They also provide online advertising on the pictures well. We rate this particular app from IGT as a negative since they are too focused on making cash money from their players.

In one way I cannot blame them, however, they need to be a little more subtle about it and slow the take rate down. I do not mind paying for something that is interesting and fun, but when there is no way for me to recoup my investment, it is time to move on to another online casino that can be played for free.

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Gambling Online

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Gambling OnlineWhether you are gambling online or gambling in a brick-and-mortar casino, self-control is one of the Paramount skills to develop. You need to know when to fold them, you need to know when to leave the table, and you need to know when to leave the casino to avoid losing more than what you have planned. It is especially important to know when to leave after you have won a large jackpot. We have seen so many people, ourselves included, just put all of the money right back into the slot machine after winning a jackpot. Before you know it all of the money is gone and you wonder what happened.

Unfortunately for many people, they lose more than they planned and end up losing much more money than they can afford. It is also amazing just how quickly you can go through $100 in cash without winning very much. If this is happening to you it’s time to take stock and decide if you want to continue gambling and lose more money.

Most gamblers will tell you that the house will eventually win if you play long enough. They have to pay for the establishment somehow and the only way to do that is to win money from gamblers. Many places will indicate what the percentage return is and it’s never 100%. It is always 95% or even much lower 85% for some casinos. The brick-and-mortar casinos typically have better odds than the online casinos. The brick-and-mortar casinos have much higher operating costs than the online casinos do however they seem to take a smaller cut.

Gambling Online

Online gamblers risk losing a great deal of money. There are no balances and checks in terms of avoiding taking more money out of their bank account. At least with brick-and-mortar casinos, you need to get up from the table or the slot machine to go to an ATM machine to take out more money. One trick is to set your ATM withdrawal limit to $500 per day to avoid taking out more money than you ever planned to remove from your bank account. While this might be frustrating at the time, it could save you a great deal of money.

These are just a few tips and ideas in terms of how you manage online gambling. When it stops being fun, it is probably time to quit and try something else. Go for a drink, something to eat, or even just a walk to change the scenery. This is one of the best ways to help you control how much you are spending at the casino.

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