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Casino Hotels Palm Springs California

There are only a couple of casino hotels in the Palm Springs area of California. There Casino Hotels Palm Springs Californiais the Fantasy Springs Casino and the Agua Caliente casino hotel. Neither of these hotels is actually in Palm Springs since they are located in cities nearby in the valley. The only casino hotel in Palm Springs California is the Spa casino hotel. It is located in downtown Palm Springs on Amado Road. This is two blocks from Palm Canyon Drive which is the main road through Palm Springs. It is in the middle of downtown Palm Springs surrounded by many restaurants of all types. All are within walking distance of the casino. There is also lots of parking for patrons available as well.

Spa Casino Hotels Palm Springs California

The Spa Casino Hotel in Palm Springs California has been reviewed on this website and we have visited it several times in the past 10 years. It has evolved from being in a tent attached to the hotel to a full-fledged casino in an elegant building with very pretty gardens and palm trees surrounding it.

The Spa Casino has a deli restaurant, a buffet, and several other restaurants that are higher-end. There are many restaurants within blocks of the casino and it is very safe to walk the streets in the area of the casino as well. With a combination of restaurants and condos surrounding this casino, it is a safe environment to park your car or walk from your condo to the Spa Casino.

In terms of gaming, there are all of the latest and popular slot machines along with a variety of table games as well. They have a small nonsmoking area, which is usually quiet since they did not put the best games in this area. the casino can get pretty smoky so if this bothers you, you may want to stay clear of it on business evenings or on the weekends.

They also have events at the casino. Slot tournaments, draws etc so if you do play a lot make sure you get a slot card and use it. You will be invited to various events that they host for their slot players and table players.

Palm Springs Convention Center

The Palm Springs Convention Center is also within one block of the Spa Casino Hotel in Palm Springs California. this convention center is a state-of-the-art center hosting many events over the year. Patrons and convention goers often go to the Spa Casino Hotel which is within walking distance. It is just one block away. There is ample parking for both the convention center and the casino. Of course, you can also use valet parking at the casino.

Restaurants in the Area

If you walk up to Palm Canyon Drive and turn left in the direction of the traffic (it is a one-way street), you will pass by all of the restaurants. There are quite a few, most with outdoor patios where you can enjoy a meal any time of the day. We are reviewing a number of these restaurants on another website that we operate.  If you are interested, click here, and select the category Palm Springs Restaurants. There are over 1000 restaurants in the area and of course, we will not review all of these, but the ones we have are the restaurants we have visited in the area and also enjoy.

That’s about it for this post on casino hotels in the Palms Springs area of California. If you have been there and would like to leave a comment, please do. We like to hear from other writers who can contribute and help out our readers.

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