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Casino Bonus OnlineThe best way to receive a casino bonus online is to sign up for a casino slot card at the casino of your choice and also arrange for online access to your new account so that you can see what bonuses you may become eligible for as you play the slots or tables in the casino. If they do not offer online access to your account, the next best thing is to provide your email address. The casino can send emails with your casino bonuses attached to the email. The last resort of course is to receive your casino bonus by the traditional post office. This can take time and cost the casino more money to print and send the coupons etc.

Step By Step Approach to Casino Bonus Online

Open a slot card account with your favorite casino. Provide them with your address, email address and open an account with them. You may even be able to select a password at the time you open the account. If not make sure you have the instructions regarding how to open the online account later on.

Receive email casino bonuses by email which you may need to print. Take them with you when you go to the casino to take advantage of your casino bonus.

Log onto your account by signing on to your online casino account to view your bonuses and special offers that the casino will make available to you from time to time. You may also need to print these coupons and take them with you when you go to the casino to claim them.

Check your bonus status often since it may be updated as often as you visit the casino or at least every month. Certainly login to your online account each time prior to visiting the casino t find out what may be available to you when you visit the casino.

Print casino bonuses and take them with you. Not every casino will require them since they can look up your account online at the slot card desk, however, it just makes it easier for everyone if you have your copy with you.

Types of Casino Bonus Online

Online casino bonuses sometimes include free play. It can be played just like real money that you might insert into a slot machine. Not all slot machines accept free to play so you may have to play a machine that is not always your first choice.

In addition to free play, online casino bonuses can also include the following depending on the level of your play and the frequency of your visits to the casino.

  • Free hotel rooms
  • Meal comps
  • Even free travel coupons
  • Free show tickets

Check your casino bonus online often to confirm what is being offered. Make sure that you do not miss out on any bonuses that might be available to you.

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