Avoiding Casino Resort Fees
2015/01/07 Resort Fees

Casino Resort FeesResort fees are being added by more and more hotels and the Las Vegas Casino’s are adding casino resort fees at all of the major hotels. These casino resort fees typically include free WiFi access, free paper, and access to the gym. In some cases, they will also include access to the business center. Guests can print off boarding passes and other documents that they may need. It is pretty tough to avoid these fees. Although it is possible at casino hotels in Las Vegas as well as the other major resort cities such as Atlantic City, Tunica and Biloxi. This is a major revenue generator for the hotels. However, if you do not use these services, then it is just another addition to the city tourist tax. As well as the other taxes such as the state tax and other taxes that are charged.

Avoiding Casino Resort Fees – Ask Before You Book

The first step is to always ask what the fees are, how much will your total room cost including all fees and taxes. Note that tax is always charged on the resort fees as well, which makes it even worse.

If you or your company is paying for the room, there is not a lot that can be done. You can try complaining to the hotel management behind the check-in counter, however, most will not give you a break on the casino resort fees. If you do not use any of the services, there is a small chance that you can have them waived.

Conference organizers should negotiate these fees ahead of time. The hotels certainly want to be competitive and will sometimes waive the fees depending on the number of people attending and the final room rate negotiated.

Avoiding Casino Resort Fees – Always Negotiate

Visitors staying at the Vegas hotels on casino comps will not need to pay the fee at most hotels. You will need to confirm this at the time of booking. If they still want to charge the fee, try another hotel, or threaten to go to another hotel. If they are busy, chances are they will not waive the fee. However, if the hotel is on a slow week, there is a really good chance they will waive the fee.

If you are staying for a few days, the $0 to $35 casino resort fee can add up in a hurry. It is definitely worth attempting to negotiate a lower fee or have it removed altogether.

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