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Aquarius casino coffee shop – Duet

Aquarius casino coffee shop - Duet.jpg The Aquarius Casino in Laughlin Nevada has opened up their new Aquarius casino coffee shop – Duet. It replaced the Starbucks restaurant that used to be at the Aquarius Casino. This is a modern up-to-date clean, and smartphone and computer-friendly restaurant/coffee shop.

Wi-Fi is available within the coffee shop and within at least 100 feet of the entrance to the coffee shop. There are lots of chairs and tables set up. In addition, there’s a counter in the middle of the coffee shop that has lots of room for laptop computers with power outlets which are lacking in many coffee shops. This is truly a computer-friendly coffee shop.

Aquarius casino coffee shop – Duet

Background music is peaceful and not too loud which was a problem for the previous Starbucks restaurant. There are more food items available although they are expensive as usual in any casino coffee shop or restaurant.

This is a huge improvement to the previous Starbucks restaurant that used to be here. They still offer the 10% discount with your Aquarius card and you can charge your food and beverage to your room for later consideration to be comped.

There are other areas within the casino that are under construction and we look forward to these improvements as well. They are updating some of the other restaurants and have already updated the elevator lobby.

The Aquarius hotel is located on the banks of the Colorado River on the Nevada side of the river. Patrons can walk along the banks of the river from one end of the casino row to the other in comfortable and safe surroundings. Some of the casinos have outdoor dining on warm nights along the river. Although most are indoors with large windows that look out on the river. The Aquarius hotel has floor to ceiling windows in the buffet restaurant that allows you to look out on the river while enjoying your meal. The Aquarius casino coffee shop – Duet is located inside and does not have windows.

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